Magnify the Lord!

We want to say thank you to Rev Mary Spradlin who shared this on her blog site where she is sharing about what has been happening in Portland (  Jonathan wandered over there yesterday to see what was going on in Portland and when he saw this, he got excited!

Go to minute 30:30 and be ready to worship!

Hallelujah!  As many of you know the United Methodist Church, the church we are serving in Japan on behalf of is having it’s quadrennial (Every 4 year) meeting and there’s a lot of legislating happening but there also seems to be some wonderful worship going on.  As we listened to this we were very encouraged and began to think of all the reasons of why our God is worthy of our praise.  Have you thought of that recently?



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Mistakes, Grace, Growth

Kyou wa ii tenki desu ne!

When Jonathan first came to Japan he was told that Japanese always talk about the weather. So when you start a conversation with someone it`s always a good time to talk about the weather. Specifically the phrase above means the weather is nice today! If you’re waiting at a train station, a bus stop, a traffic light, in line somewhere and you want to start a conversation, it’s always a good way to do that.

But that doesn’t translate to all cultures. At ARI, we have people from around 20 different nations and probably over 30 different cultures around us. While some like the Japanese always talk about the weather, others talk about food, politics, religion, family, etc… While there always is a way to talk with someone, that also means some things are off limits.

Learning to find out what is ok to say and what is not is the process we go through every year to build a new community. While it can be stressful at times, the mistakes can actually help to form relationships and trust.

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to another missionaries home for lunch and one of the participants, students, from ARI was there when we arrived. Jonathan, being sarcastic and getting in trouble, said oh man I thought I was getting away from you today! They both laughed but soon we noticed that the participant had left.  Later Jonathan approached the gentleman who, staying true to his culture, gave an excuse as to why he left. As the conversation continued though the participant realized that miscommunication had happened, forgave Jonathan and opened up some.

At ARI and in our Christian walk we often learn that mistakes, failures do not mean the end. They are opportunities to try again, to become better at something, to grow. Jesus teaches us that grace, mercy, love are all about another chance and using mistakes for a new tomorrow. If participants are going to achieve anything in their communities, if the church is to grow and new people are to come to Christ, and if we are to become disciples, sanctified believers, then mistakes will happen and God teaches us what to do with those mistakes.

As we close we ask that you would please pray for us at ARI, the other staff, volunteers and participants. Please pray for the Japanese Church. Pray that we will try new things, learning from the mistakes, experiencing the grace and mercy of God in deeper ways than we have before.

Come Back Soon, Pictures to come!

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Pictures as promised…  Now the training is almost a month in and things are going well!  Enjoy!


13015393_1132510696822163_6035447769889761721_n (1).jpg

2016 ARI Community


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Happy Spring!!!

Happy Spring! One of the volunteers says that everyday it is warm. And for the other days, well we just kinda ignore those days. Last week we had what seemed like the last bit of winter trying to stay around. With temperatures near freezing, it was definitely cold for a lot of the people around here. That is too say that all of our community members for 2016 have arrived. 28 students (participants, Training Assistants and 1 graduate intern), 8 volunteers (one from India, one from Germany and 6 from Japan) and 2 new staff members. Coming from abour 20 different countries and many more tribes beyond that, the ARI community has formed and just this past Monday the ARI training program started in full swing.
It was a joyuous occasion last Saturday when we held our opening ceremonies. Seeing people wearing their traditional clothes with pride while they introduced themselves in Japanese was quite a site! One woman who has had an influence in the life of Jonathan becoming a missionary, Dr Ruth Grubel, was also present and gave a very encouraging and challenging speech to both our students and those present for the ceremony. Our director though came through with a very deep reflection over the meaning of what we are doing here every year. Ms. Arakawa, the first Japanese woman to be the director at our institute, shared about one of our supporters who recently passed away. She shared his words with us that the staff and board had heard often. The existence of the Asian Rural Institute is a testimony. It is a reminder of what happened in the past and also is a sign of the redemption and reconciliation that God has and is working out in the world. We support this work as part of our own redemption.
We are not saved by anything we do, it is only through the grace of God. But we work out our own salvation as we are continually sanctified. This means that repentance as a confession and an act are ongoing. We continue to work out our Salvation, even as God has saved us and promised us a hope and a future.
As the Promise of Spring now comes into fruition we ask that you join us in believing and working out that promise. Pray for the participants at the Asian Rural Institute, that their learning here will be catalyst for lasting change in their home communities. Pray for wisdom for us and for all the staff. Also please continue to remember the people of Kyushu who struggle now with the horrible earthquake that struck last week.
Thank you and Happy Spring!

Pictures to come!!!!


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Is it still winter?

That is the question that we are asking as we sit in the house at 10:30pm with the windows open contemplating whether to turn the AC on instead!

We have returned to Florida after a wonderful time in North Carolina and are on to our last stop in Florida.  God has been good, surprised us in many ways and confirmed us in our ministry many times.  Praise the Lord!

As we move forward and you continue to pray for us we ask that you would also pray for the people of Fiji.  Whether you have heard or not there has been a terrible hurricane there that has caused havoc.  We received an update from one of the missionaries there that I am linking here.  Jonathan met him and the brothers in the picture below at a Missions conference in the Phillippines last year.

If you want to give financially I do not know anything yet but I’m sure if you check over the next few days they will be able to provide information.

Wesley Neal’s update on the situation can be found HERE!


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Country Roads

Well we didn’t quite make it up to West Virginia but we have been blessed to be in the Smokey Mountains here in Western North Carolina. Beginning our trip in Charlotte we were up in the mountains with the wonderful folks of Higgins Memorial UMC & over at Lake Junaluska and now have ventured a little East to Greensboro where we will be until the end of the week.

As we share about the ministry we are doing in Japan & at ARI, so many people come up after our sharing and thank us. We are grateful to serve but usually more humbled than not by how this ministry seems to entice and excite so many people. It really is wonderful the vision that God gave to the Japanese Christian Church, Rev. Dr. Toshihiro (Tom) Takami, & others. If you haven’t read about ARI’s history before, take a look at this link ARI History

As we keep moving we ask that you keep us in prayer as we continue to travel and share what God is doing in Japan. We will be in Florida again until the 2nd of March, then up to the Chicago area and from the 10th over to Oahu for our last leg. Prayers for safety and impact as we share about our ministry and ARI are much appreciated.

Thank you again to all who have welcomed us and we are loking forward to meeting more of you soon!

Jonathan & Satomi



Thank you so much Jim and Keitha Swaim and Higgins Memorial UMC for your welcome and Hospitality in COLDDDD  North Carolina this past weekend!!!


After 14 years Jonathan met Pastor Michael Rich who was the pastor at Kobe Union Church when he was a student.  Thank you for welcoming us to Lake Junaluska and showing us around!



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Did you see us???

Hello Everybody!

With all the severe weather up in the North East of the US this past weekend we are thankful to be in Florida.  The weather was definitely cold for Floridians, lows around freezing and highs not high enough for flip flops.  We are thankful to continue to share with churches and people about our ministry.  After Returning from Texas, we have been traveling around Florida.  We’re posting dates for the next few weeks.  If you are in that area you can let us know and we can try to connect.

Clermont January 26-29

Gainesville January 29

Tallahassee January 30 – Feb 2

Central Florida Feb 3 – Feb 11

Western NC Feb 12 – Feb 19

Fort Meyers Feb 20 – Feb 23

Palm Beach Feb 24- Feb 28


Some folks at the Florida Conference Center of the UMC with us in Lakeland.


Jonathan and Satomi with folks from Jonathan’s Home church, Ocoee Oaks.


Thank you Sebastian UMC for your welcome!



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